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Weisberg Consulting, Inc. was founded with the purpose to service the computer needs of the small to mid-sized companies that are often overlooked by the larger computer consulting firms.  Prior to incorporation, the company operated as Matt Weisberg Consulting since 1989. As a former Consultant and Architect with Novell, Matt Weisberg (CLE, CNE) has nearly 10 years experience working directly with a variety of Novell customers, including Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, law enforcement agencies and state and local governments.


“Matt Weisberg has a wide range of knowledge and skills. He has deep and thorough knowledge of GroupWise. He has implemented a multi-lingual version of a password self service application. He is also extremely skillful with Novell Directory Services and the related identity management products. He is a highly capable architect for identity management. I would recommend him without any reservations.”


Art Rathke,

Infrastructure Technology Manager at a major automotive supplier

"I've had the opportunity to work with Matt on many large GroupWise projects and his knowledge and experience with GroupWise has been integral in designing large enterprise systems.  His ability to quickly code utilities using the GroupWise Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) has helped solve many customer issues when there was no appropriate tool or utility available. In addition, these tools have made it possible to more rapidly migrate Exchange environments to GroupWise."


Ed Hanley,

Senior Technical Specialst, Novell, Inc.

“The growth of our firm was fueled by the expert guidance and service of Matt Weisberg in first designing and then implementing technology solutions that have had direct impact on our bottom line.  We have been able to provide high quality service to an ever increasing caseload in a secure, reliable, multi-server system. We owe much of our success to Mr. Weisberg's wisdom and skill.”


Senior Partner at The Law Center for Social Security Rights

Current & Prior Projects

While with Novell, Matt Weisberg was the architect for the Michigan Criminal Justice Information Network (MiCJIN) portal. Weisberg Consutling is now continuing to work with the Michigan State Police to update and enhance the existing Identity Management components of MiCJIN to provide MSP with the ability to integrate new applications into the infrastructure.


Read more about the MiCJIN project at the following links:


"Michigan Finds Value in Identity and Access Management"
Roberta J. Witty, Gregg Kreizman


Authorized Access - Novell Connections Magazine



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