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Free GroupWise Tools and Utilities

Distribution List Import - CL

Password Reset Utility - GUI

new08External User Import - CL

 Password Set - CL

Nickname Import - GUI

 User Import Utility - GUI

CL - Command Line    GUI - Graphical Interface

All of the GroupWise tools require the Microsoft .NET Framework, with the exception of the GroupWise Password Reset Utility (GWPR).  The GroupWise Client and the Novell Client are also required to run these tools.

GroupWise Distribution List Import (GWDLI) - 5.17.2006

GWDLI is a command line tool for adding or removing users from GroupWise distribution lists.  It can also add or remove distribution lists from the membership list of other distribution lists. GWDLI reads in a CSV file which contains the member to add or remove, the NDS name of the list, and the command (add or remove). 

GroupWise External User Import (GWEUI) - 10.25.2009 new09

GroupWise External User Import (GWEUI) is a utility that provides for the automated creation of External User accounts in a Novell GroupWise email system. It reads in a comma-separated variable (CSV) file and imports the data into the system creating an External User object ("white shirt").  This is not a full GroupWise account, rather a placeholder so that users from other systems can appear in the system wide address book.

GroupWise Import Utility (GWIU) - 11.20.2008

GWIU is a simple graphical utility for automatically creating GroupWise accounts from comma separated variable (CSV) files.  It can create both the GroupWise account and NDS account, just the GroupWise account, or GroupWise External Entities. This updated version has additional fields available for import: LDAP Authentication (available in GroupWise 7.0.1 or higher) and Mailbox Expiration Date.  The import parser has been updated as well.  

GroupWise Nickname Import (GWNI) - 7.12.2005

GWNI allows for the mass importing of GroupWise Nicknames. It currently only allows importing of nicknames into a user's home post office and sets the nickname to system visibility (both of which can be changed in ConsoleOne). I may add the ability to import nicknames into other domains/post offices as well as the visibility setting if there is a need for it. The primary reason this program was written was to support Microsoft Exchange to Novell GroupWise migrations where an account name change was occurring and the old names needed to be maintained for a period of time.

GroupWise Password Set (GWPASSWD) - 1.25.2007

Command line utility which can be used to reset GroupWise Passwords. Can find the user either using an NDS distringuished name or a GroupWise object ID.

GroupWise Password Reset Utility (GWPR) - 5.26.2004

Allows for mass GroupWise password changes.  Doing this in the Console One would be quite cumbersome as there is no way to mass change GroupWise passwords.

Disclaimer: There is no official support or warranty for the above tools.

Have a need for a different type of tool? Looking for something custom?  Let us know!  We can create a tool that meets your specific needs and requirements.

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